Inside kara-te is a dance,
an endlessly flowing place of harmony, joy, and easy smiles.
It is in every joint and fibre of the body, whether moving or still,
in the unified body-mind-spirit,
and it extends to everything one does.
It is the kara-te way, which is also the Okinawan way.

My kara-te studies have focused on understanding this dance:
what it is, how to pull it together, how to teach it,
how it developed, what makes it unique in the world,
and how to live it.

While kara-te students must master the dance
if they are to to master the art, little is written about it.
This offering - from 17 years of study and 4+ years through 7 drafts -
is a thank you for the gifts of the inner kara-te dance
and the dedication of my teacher to it.

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The book has 3 sections:

"The Kara-te Way Comes to Light", including the first written account, in 1816, by a British explorer who recorded the dance of a remarkable Okinawan man, describing key elements that make Okinawan dance and kara-te unique in the world.

"The Inner Kara-Te Dance" gives step-by-step instructions for learning inner kara-te dance basics, then adding the application elements of kara-te stepping, opposing forces, and impact pulses.

"Learning the Kara-Te Way" covers some personal thoughts about the kara-te journey, from practice and persistence through performance and precision to power and polishing up personality.

sample pages
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Dancing in the Kara of Te is not for sale in e-book format. Only the sample pages offered here can be viewed electronically, with the hope that they make clear the need to have a hard copy in hand. Just as kara-te is a hands-on, full-body way of learning, so, too, this book should be held, read, and referred to in a hands-on, 3-d way.


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Instructional Videos: Inner Kara-Te Dance

1 - Breath, Posture, Meditation
2 - Hip Movements
3 - Shoulder Movements
4 - Hip-Shoulder Movements
5 - Kachashi Dance
6 - Adding Steps
7 - Adding Opposing Forces
8 - Adding Kimae

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